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Caleb Jones

Video footage shows Jones walking inside of the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He appears to be filming activities. There is no documentation of him engaging in violence.

Bradley Rukstales

Rukstales was among Michael Curzio, Cindy Fitchett, Douglas Sweet, Terry Brown and Thomas Gallagher . All of these individuals were arrested inside the U.C Capitol Building seemingly shortly after entering.

James Little

Little told authorities he entered the Capitol and walked around. He mentioned getting caught up in the moment and taking pictures. He didn’t engage in violent activity. Little returned home…

Jamie Ferguson

Ferguson attended the Stop the Steal Rally with her parents. She shown on surveillance walking peacefully throughout the building and remained in the Rotunda for approximately 40 minutes.

Fi Duong

Duong attended the event to observe and watch what was going on “like a journalist.” He believed Antifa members entered around the same time as Trump supporters….

Jerod Wade Hughes

…and pursued Officer Eugene Goodman, who was involved in an altercation with protester Douglas Jensen. Hughes and his brother later entered the Senate area with two others. Once again, they…

Peter J. Harding

Harding allegedly lit a media member’s camera on fire and filmed the events of that day with his own. He is seen inside the building recording the actions that took…

Abram Markofski

Video surveillance footage and GPS monitoring (obtained via warrant) identified Markofski inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. There is no written or verbal information showing he engaged in violent acts.