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Paul Spigelmyer

Spigelmyer and the Clarks had a plan to go to D.C. A private message from Christy Clark’s Facebook account related to traveling to Washington, D.C. in January 2021 stated, “We…

Clifford James Meteer

Meteer entered the Capitol with a homemade sign. He walked through the hallway with statues toward the house chamber, then exited the building. Meteer did not engage in violence….

Dale Jeremiah Shalvey

…Impeding Certain Officer. The Statement of Facts does not detail this assault, however Shalvey is pictured inside the Senate Chamber reviewing sensitive documents from the Congressional meeting on January 6th….

Michael Aaron Carico

Carico took a videos of himself on the media tower as well as inside the Capitol. While he expressed his personal convictions, there is no evidence he engaged in violence…

Daniel Lyons Scott, III

Scott (aka Milkshake) is heard on video saying “Let’s take the fucking Capitol.” and another individual, most likely a Proud Boy member as well, responds, “Let’s not fucking yell that,…

Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz allegedly sprayed Capitol Police with some sort of pepper spray. Schwartz supposedly accepted the canister of pepper spray from another individual….

Michael Pope

…both Michael and his brother William Pope inside the Capitol, however there is no detail of any violence in the Statement of Facts committed by either of these two men….

Diana Santos-Smith

Dawn Bancroft and Diana Santos Smith entered and exited the Capitol Building through the same window. Bancroft estimated that the two were inside the building for less than a minute….

Gabriel Burress

Video footage shows Burress inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He was “pushed into the building by the crowd behind him,” he told authorities….

Samuel Camargo

It is not clear if Camargo entered the Capitol Building or not. A Snapchat video taken by Camargo depicts himself just outside the Capitol doors. There is no evidence of…

Rachael Lynn Pert

There is a picture of Rachael Pert and Dana Winn together inside the Capitol n January 6th. There is no detail of any violent behavior on Pert’s behalf, nor is…

Tam Dinh Pham

Pham was a Houston PD officer and is pictured inside the U.C. Capitol on January 6th. There is no evidence of violence committed by Pham….

Kenneth Kelly

Kenneth Kelly is pictured walking inside the Capitol at approximately 3:00 P.M. Google provided records associated with Kelly’s email address to track his whereabouts on January 6th. It is unclear…

Kene Brian Lazo

Lazo Is pictured inside the Capitol Rotunda. There is no evidence of any violence committed by him. He brought a ” boi boi” with him, which is a broom-like object…

Andrew Wrigley

Photos and video posts show Wrigley present at the Capitol on January 6th. He was holding a historic flag. There is no documentation that he committed violence inside the building.

Jeffrey Shane Witcher

In an interview with the FBI after the event, he stated it was “necessary to facilitate a dialogue” on Jan. 6th. However, he expected it to be nonviolent and peaceful….

Philip Edward Kramer

Kramer admitted to taking a Capitol “Do Not Enter: sign back with him to California. He is pictured inside the Capitol Building holding up his phone. There is np evidence…

Dana Joe Winn

Winn’s Statements of Facts and charges indicate that he entered the Capitol Building in a nonviolent fashion, and continued the nonviolent behavior while occupying the building as well….

Zachary John Wilson

Wilson’s only charge was Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building. There was no information on his entry, nor his activities on any of the capitol grounds….

Andrew Williams

The Affidavit relating to Andrew Williams does not show pictures, however it does explain his parading activity inside the capitol. Williams was placed on administrative leave at the Sanford Fire…

Troy Dylan WillIams

…Capitol on Jan 6th. They both stated however, that they did not partake in any violence, rather following a “herd mentality” and entering the building once “everyone was already inside”….