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Bradley Rukstales

Rukstales was among Michael Curzio, Cindy Fitchett, Douglas Sweet, Terry Brown and Thomas Gallagher . All of these individuals were arrested inside the U.C Capitol Building seemingly shortly after entering.

Nicholas Reimler

There are pictures of Reimler inside the Capitol Building, however he faces no violent charges. His statements of facts indicate he was peacefully walking around the building, went to the…

Frank J. Scavo

Scavo admitted to the FBI he was inside the Capitol from approximately 2:42 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. on January 6. There is no detail of any violence committed by him….

Darrell Alan Youngers

Darrell Youngers is a Marine Corps veteran. The government accuses Youngers of entering the West side only to go within minutes to the East side to open a separate door….

Lonnie Leroy Coffman

Lonnie Coffman encountered police near his parked truck in downtown DC. They were allegedly responding to threats outside the National Republican Club and Democratic National Committee Headquarters when they searched…

Luke Coffee

Coffee approached police officers who were confronting protesters on the way inside the Capitol. He moved through the line holding a crutch over his head as others followed. Coffee later…

Mark Roger Rebegila

…Statements of Facts, which even states he asked a Capitol Police Officer if he could go inside, only to receive a shrug of the shoulders in response by the officer….

Matthew Thomas Purse

Purse was wearing “Press” labels despite not being believed to have any real credentials. He entered the Capitol around 2:59 P.M., about 30 minutes after the initial breach. He walked…

Oliver Louis Sarko

…shows Sarko inside of a room identified by U.S. Capitol Police as a room utilized by the spouses of the U.S. senators. His entry into the building is not detailed….

Amy Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Adam Mark Weibling

Weibling’s Statements of Facts indicate that he used force against a Capitol Police Officer to gain entry into the US Capitol. He then entered the capitol and can be seen…

Philip C. Vogel, II

…shown in the Statements of Facts. Video also shows Vogel and Maimone picking up a bag clearly marked POLICE, rummaging through it, and taking silver packages from the POLICE bag….

Matthew T. Krol

Krol and others are accused of assaulting Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police Officers. Krol allegedly stole a police baton and it is possible he was using it in self-defense….

Arthur Jackman

Videos and photographs show Jackman inside the Capitol. He told the FBI he was in DC with members of the Proud Boys to “be a visual representation, to support President…

Moises Romero

Romero entered the Capitol with the crowd as they pushed their way through the door. There is no evidence he acted violently once inside.

Kelley O’Brien

O’Brien and her husband attended the event at the Capitol. She posted videos and personal opinions regarding the event that day. Among her statements were that the crowd was pepper…

George Amos Tenney III

…two of them in a group interfering with Capitol Police before entering the Capitol Building. Both of them entered the Capitol and can be seen in images throughout the building….

Douglas Sweet

…arresting individuals who had unlawfully entered the building, including Sweet and Fitchett. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) uncovered no evidence that Sweet and Fitchett engaged in violent or disruptive…

John A. Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Julio Cesar Chang

Social media posts and video footage show Chang at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is seen walking through the building with the crowd and taking pictures with his cell…

John Herbert Strand

There were many videos on mainstream news sites that depicted people in the Capitol Building. In the video, timestamped 2:27-2:29 p.m. Strand and Gold can be seen walking with a…