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Derrick Evans

…the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He approaches a police officer before entering and says, “We still respect you, all right.” In addition, Evans instructs others not to damage government property….

Deborah Sandoval

Deborah Sandoval’s actions prior to entry are not detailed, but there are multiple images of her inside the Capitol Building. She admitted to going to D.C on January 6th with…

Salvador Sandoval Jr.

…inside the Capitol Building. Salvador also grabbed the shield of a third Metropolitan Police Officer, pulled it toward himself, but was unsuccessful in prying it free from the officer’s grasp….

Nicholas John Lattanzi

Lattanzi entered the Capitol through an opened door and remained inside with the crowd for approximately 7 minutes. He appears to act peacefully on surveillance and does not engage in…

Shawndale Morgan Chilcoat

…the Capitol on Jan. 6. Surveillance photos show her and Donald Chilcoat walking inside the Senate Chambers with others in the crowd. They are taking pictures and posing for photos….

Joshua Christopher Doolin

…group who became engaged in struggles with police. Doolin allegedly yelled at officers and with those in the crowd. He carried a flag that dropped when pepper sprayed by police….

Bradley Rukstales

Rukstales was among Michael Curzio, Cindy Fitchett, Douglas Sweet, Terry Brown and Thomas Gallagher . All of these individuals were arrested inside the U.C Capitol Building seemingly shortly after entering.

Linwood Alan Robinson, Sr.

…building peacefully but don’t seem to know where they are going. The Robinson family exited with the crowd shortly after Ashli Babbitt was shot by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd….

Frank J. Scavo

Scavo admitted to the FBI he was inside the Capitol from approximately 2:42 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. on January 6. There is no detail of any violence committed by him….

Nicholas Reimler

There are pictures of Reimler inside the Capitol Building, however he faces no violent charges. His statements of facts indicate he was peacefully walking around the building, went to the…

Darrell Alan Youngers

Darrell Youngers is a Marine Corps veteran. The government accuses Youngers of entering the West side only to go within minutes to the East side to open a separate door….

William Rogan Reid

…inside the Capitol on January 6th. There is no detail of any violence committed by Reid. However, he was charged with altering/tampering with a concealed document while inside the Capitol….

Lonnie Leroy Coffman

Lonnie Coffman encountered police near his parked truck in downtown DC. They were allegedly responding to threats outside the National Republican Club and Democratic National Committee Headquarters when they searched…

Luke Coffee

Coffee approached police officers who were confronting protesters on the way inside the Capitol. He moved through the line holding a crutch over his head as others followed. Coffee later…

Mark Roger Rebegila

…Statements of Facts, which even states he asked a Capitol Police Officer if he could go inside, only to receive a shrug of the shoulders in response by the officer….

Oliver Louis Sarko

…shows Sarko inside of a room identified by U.S. Capitol Police as a room utilized by the spouses of the U.S. senators. His entry into the building is not detailed….

Amy Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Timothy Wayne Williams

Williams stated he was inside the Capitol as he “got pushed” inside by the crowd. Throughout his DOJ charging document, there are pictures of Williams in multiple places inside the…

John Strand

There were many videos on mainstream news sites that depicted people in the Capitol Building. In the video, timestamped 2:27-2:29 p.m. Strand and Gold can be seen walking with a…