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Louis Valentin

Louis Valentin entered the Capitol with his friend, Julio Baquero. They were part of a group that was cleared out of the Rotunda by police.

Robert Wayne Dennis

Dennis allegedly grabbed an officer’s baton and took him to the ground outside the Capitol. It’s possible he may have been acting in self-defense….

Ryan Scott Zink

…right. You don’t like it there’s a little button called Unfriend and do so immediately. A bunch of keyboard heroes saying what you would have done you weren’t there. You…

Marc Anthony Bru

Bru is seen in the crowd raising his phone to document the event. He later moves closer to the police line and doesn’t retreat even though officers advance. At one…

Daniel Shaw

…became separated. Shaw was inside the building with his son for less than 15 minutes. He appears to photograph and film the events of that day from his cell phone….

Erik Rau

…seemingly more violent, front row breached the line of Police. They walked around the building, took photos and left through the Southeast exit after being ordered by officers to leave….

Derek Jancart

Video surveillance shows Jancart walking through the hallways of the Capitol. It doesn’t appear that he engaged in violence at the event….

Mandy Robinson-Hand

Hand-Robinson entered the Capitol with her husband and appears to walk peacefully throughout the building. There is no evidence either individual engaged in violence.

Gary Edwards

…He is seen walking through the hallways, talking on a cell phone and taking pictures. He entered an office and sat down. There is no proof he engaged in violence….

Mark Andrew Mazza

…it due to the pressing of the crowd. During this time, he lost the weapon and reported it stolen to DC police. (Police allege the report was false.) Mazza believed…

Jordan T. Revlett

Video surveillance footage was obtained from the United States Capitol Police, which showed Revlett enter the US Capitol Building at the Upper West Terrace Door at approximately 2:35 p.m. on…

Julio Baquero

Baquero and codefendant Louis Valentin entered the Capitol rotunda and remained in the building between 15-25 minutes. He said he took several photos and claims police helped him exit. There…

Sara Carpenter

There is no evidence of any violence committed by Carpenter. She is pictured inside the Capitol Rotunda holding what appears to be a tambourine. Carpenter stated she was trampled and…

Douglas Farquhar Macrae

…filming and posting what he saw. He walked up the stairs and caught word that Ashli Babbitt had been killed, then left. It doesn’t appear Macrae engaged in any violence….

Charles Hand, III

Hand entered the Capitol with his wife Mandy and appears to walk peacefully throughout the building. He described his experiences and personal sentiments in a Facebook post.

Lawrence Dropkin, Jr.

…in the building for approximately 40 minutes, and followed the crowd as he filmed and photographed the events from his cell phone. It doesn’t appear he engaged in any violence….

Christopher John Price

There are pictures of Christopher Price and Cynthia Ballenger inside the Capitol building on January 6th. PNC bank transactions and AT&T phone locations were asked for by the FBI. There…

Aaron Mostofsky

…through the Senate Wing Door. He retrieved items on the floor which belonged to police and alleges he gave them back. There is no documentation that Mostofsky engaged in violence….