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#93 OPINION AND ORDER denying Defendant’s 50 Motion to Suppress; denying Defendant’s 60 Motion to Dismiss Count Four; denying, in part without prejudice, Defendant’s 61 Motion in Limine; denying Defendant’s 62 Motion to Compel; denying without prejudice upon Defendant’s withdrawal 63 Motion for Change of Venue; denying Defendant’s 64 Motion to Dismiss Counts Five, Six, and Seven; denying as moot Prosecution’s 66 Motion in Limine to Limit Cross-Examination of United States Secret Service Witness; and denying as moot Prosecution’s 67 Motion in Limine Regarding Evidence About Specific Locations of U.S. Capitol Police Surveillance Cameras. See full Opinion and Order for details. Signed by Judge Christopher R. Cooper on 11/4/2022.

Andrew Galloway

Andrew Galloway entered the Capitol through a bren window and walked through the crypt with the crowd. He appears to follow others and act peacefully while he was in the…

Richard Barnett

Barnett can be seen pictured sitting at a desk inside of Nancy Pelosi’s office around 2:50 P.M. His weapons charges came after the FBI received a tip that in one…

David Alan Blair

Blair was shoved by a police officer outside the Capitol. He jumped back and struck the officer with a lacrosse stick, which he had attached a flag to. Blair was…

Matthew Bokoski

Matthew Boski entered the Capitol with his dad. He posted photos of himself at the event on . The two walked peacefully throughout the building for 4-5 minutes, taking photos.