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Kevin Seefried

…2021. Shortly thereafter, Defendant Kevin Seefried was photographed holding a Confederate Battle flag inside the Capitol Building. Both Kevin and his son climbed through a window to enter the building….

Brandon Fellows

Social media and video footage show Fellows in the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He spoke with the press and said police were not hostile as he walked throughout the building….

William Rogan Reid

…inside the Capitol on January 6th. There is no detail of any violence committed by Reid. However, he was charged with altering/tampering with a concealed document while inside the Capitol….

Jack Wade Whitton

Jack Whitton, along with 4 others, are faced with charges that include engaging in physical violence. That violence was allegedly even directed at Capitol Police….

Thomas Sibick

Sibick was accused of robbing MPD officer Michael Fanone of his badge and radio. However, new video evidence referenced in court document #66 above refutes this, stating his contact with…

Philip James Weisbecker

Weisbecker is shown on national media footage entering the Capitol with other protesters. He allegedly took a picture of himself under and Abraham Lincoln statue. When he spoke to authorities,…

Nicholes J. Lentz

Lentz made a 52 second Facebook live video inside the Capitol. He stated he was there because “the people give the power, and we’re here to take it back.” At…

Albert A. Ciarpelli

Ciarpelli attended the rally alone for approximately 2-3 hours. He was seen on surveillance taking pictures inside the Capitol and told law enforcement this was his first time there. When…

James Little

Little told authorities he entered the Capitol and walked around. He mentioned getting caught up in the moment and taking pictures. He didn’t engage in violent activity. Little returned home…

Kyle J. Young

Kyle was allegedly involved in a gang-up beating on Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone. Count seven of the DOJ indictment states that he did by force and violence, and by…

Robert Gieswein

Gieswin was in the crowd that pushed past the police barrier. He allegedly sprayed an unknown substance at police. The government claims he entered the building through a broken window….