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Kevin Cronin II

Kevin Cronin, II attended the Stop the Steal Rally with his father and brother. He allegedly entered the Capitol and smed a cigarette near the entrance with his dad. There…

Dylan Rhylei Cronin

Dylan Cronin is accused of kicking the exterior Senate wing door and entering through a window pane. He and his family were inside the building for approximately 7 minutes. They…

Salvatore Vassallo

Vassallo was among a crowd outside the Capitol Building around 4:25. Vassallo can be seen getting into a physical altercation with Police at 4:26. His actions on January 6th before…

Zachary John Wilson

Wilson’s only charge was Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building. There was no information on his entry, nor his activities on any of the capitol grounds….

Jason Daniel Riddle

…wine. One image which was located on Riddle’s mobile device appears to be the “old loing, bound reddish brown leather bo” as described by Riddle bearing the title, “Senate Procedure.”…

Bradley Rukstales

Rukstales was among Michael Curzio, Cindy Fitchett, Douglas Sweet, Terry Brown and Thomas Gallagher . All of these individuals were arrested inside the U.C Capitol Building seemingly shortly after entering.

Joshua Wagner

Wagner’s Statements of Facts do not detail his “unlawful” entry into the US Capitol Building, however there are images that depict both of them inside….

Dawn Frankowski

Frankowski appears on social media inside the Capitol. She walked peacefully throughout the building. There is no evidence she engaged in violence.