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#102 FOURTH SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT as to PATRICK EDWARD MCCAUGHEY, III (1) count(s) 14ssss, 24ssss-25ssss, 34ssss, 35ssss, 37ssss, 45ssss, 52ssss, 53ssss, TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS (2) count(s) 14sss, 16sss, 21sss, 33sss, 34sss, 35sss, 36sss, 44sss, 52sss, 53sss, DAVID LEE JUDD (3) count(s) 16ss, 22ss, 33ss, 34ss, 35ss, 38ss, 46ss, 52ss, 53ss, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH QUAGLIN (4) count(s) 1ss, 2ss, 3ss, 4ss, 11ss, 20ss, 23ss, 26ss, 34ss, 35ss, 39ss, 47ss, 52ss, 53ss, ROBERT MORSS (5) count(s) 5s, 6s, 10s, 20s, 27s, 34s, 35s, 41s, 49s, 52s, 53s, GEOFFREY WILLIAM SILLS (6) count(s) 7s-8s, 13s, 15s, 18s, 34s, 35s, 40s, 48s, 52s, 53s, DAVID MEHAFFIE (7) count(s) 12, 34, 35, 52, 53, STEVEN CAPPUCCIO (8) count(s) 28, 29, 30, 34, 35, 42, 50, 52, 53, FEDERICO GUILLERMO KLEIN (9) count(s) 9, 17, 19, 27, 31-32, 34, 35, 43, 51, 52, 53

#179 FIFTH SUPERSEDING INDICTMENT as to PATRICK EDWARD MCCAUGHEY, III (1) count(s) 14sssss, 24sssss-25sssss, 34sssss, 35sssss, 37sssss, 45sssss, 52sssss, 53sssss, TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS (2) count(s) 14ssss, 16ssss, 21ssss, 33ssss, 34ssss, 35ssss, 36ssss, 44ssss, 52ssss, 53ssss, DAVID LEE JUDD (3) count(s) 16sss, 22sss, 33sss, 34sss, 35sss, 38sss, 46sss, 52sss, 53sss, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH QUAGLIN (4) count(s) 1sss, 2sss, 3sss, 4sss, 11sss, 20sss, 23sss, 26sss, 34sss, 35sss, 39sss, 47sss, 52sss, 53sss, ROBERT MORSS (5) count(s) 5ss, 6ss, 10ss, 20ss, 27ss, 34ss, 35ss, 41ss, 49ss, 52ss, 53ss, GEOFFREY WILLIAM SILLS (6) count(s) 7ss-8ss, 13ss, 15ss, 18ss, 34ss, 35ss, 40ss, 48ss, 52ss, 53ss, DAVID MEHAFFIE (7) count(s) 12s, 34s, 35s, 52s, 53s, STEVEN CAPPUCCIO (8) count(s) 28s, 29s, 30s, 34s, 35s, 42s, 50s, 52s, 53s, FEDERICO GUILLERMO KLEIN (9) count(s) 9s, 17s, 19s, 27s, 31s-32s, 34s, 35s, 43s, 51s, 52s, 53s.

#262 MOTION to Adopt and Join Motions Filed by Co-Defendant (ECF Nos. 254, 255, 256, and 257) re [254] MOTION to Dismiss Count Thirty-Five, [255] MOTION to Dismiss Count Thirty-Four, [256] MOTION to Dismiss Count Thirty-Eight and Forty-Six, [257] MOTION to Change Venue by TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS as to PATRICK EDWARD MCCAUGHEY, III, TRISTAN CHANDLER STEVENS, DAVID LEE JUDD, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH QUAGLIN, ROBERT MORSS, GEOFFREY WILLIAM SILLS, DAVID MEHAFFIE, STEVEN CAPPUCCIO, FEDERICO GUILLERMO KLEIN.