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Zachary John Wilson

Wilson’s only charge was Knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building. There was no information on his entry, nor his activities on any of the capitol grounds….

Joseph Lino Padilla

Padilla attempted to push through police barricade and was beaten by police. He moved away and helped others use a large wheeled sign as a battering ram against police. He…

Andrew Cavanaugh

Social media and video footage confirm Cavanaugh was at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. There is no documentation he engaged in violent activity there.

Kenneth John Reda

Google location data shows a device associated with Reda was within the U.S. Capitol or “restricted grounds” for about an hour. He entered the Capitol around 3:02 P.M., well after…

Alexander Sheppard

Alexander Sheppard admitted to being in D.C on January 6th and is pictured inside the Capitol Building. There is no detail of any violence committed by Sheppard….

Ryan Seth Suleski

Suleski claimed that the only reason he entered the Capitol was because he saw other people enter. He further alleged that he did not see anyone fighting with the Capitol…

Anthony Vo

Vo made on social media indicating he was at the Capitol on Jan. 6th with his mother. Among his remarks were that police willingly allowed protesters into the building….

Richard T. Crosby Jr.

Richard Crosby Jr. is pictured here standing in the Senate with Jacob Chansley, known as the “Q Anon Shaman.” The individuals in this group prayed briefly. It appears he picked…

Joshua Matthew Black

Black was pictured inside the Senate Chamber, bleeding from his left cheek apparently from some sort of projectile that was shot at him. Black admitted to having a knife, which…

Nicholas Perretta

Nicholas Perretta and Mitchell Vukich traveled together to D.C on January 6th. Perretta admitted that he and Vukich to papers from the interior of the Capitol, which he described as…

Thomas Robertson

There is a selfie taken by Jacob Fracker with Thomas Robertson inside the U.S Capitol Building. Their actions before entering the Capitol are not detailed, nor is any detail of…

Michael Lee Roche

Roche entered the Capitol Building and made his way to the Senate Chambers. His actions prior to entry are not detailed, and there are no charges for any violence against…

Nicholas Rodean

…in or on the Capitol Grounds. Rodean’s Statement of Facts does not detail his behavior, it only pictures him inside the Capitol Building with Jacob Chansley, or “Viking Hat Man”….