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Zachary Jordan Alam

Surveillance shows Alam was inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He smashed the glass window of the speaker’s lobby door moments before Ashli Babbitt was shot….

Larry Rendall Brock

Brock is pictured inside the Senate Chamber. In his June indictment, there were no counts of violence. His Statement of Facts included no evidence of physical violence as well….

James Bonet

Bonet posted the above photo of himself smoking inside the Capitol. He chanted with the crowd as he walked throughout the building. There is no evidence he engaged in violence….

Hunter Palm

Hunter Palm is seen on video chanting and waving his cell phone along with the crowd. He walked into the speaker’s conference room and put his foot on the table,…

Jennifer Peck Buteau

Buteau entered the building through a broken door with her husband Jamie. She is seen on surveillance walking the hall while speaking on a cell phone. Her husband allegedly threw…