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Alex Kirk Harkrider

…testimonies of him engaging in physical violence against another person. Recently, Harkrider petitioned the court for the opportunity to serve his community in the current hurricane relief effort in Louisiana….

Julio Cesar Chang

Social media posts and video footage show Chang at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is seen walking through the building with the crowd and taking pictures with his cell…

Jeremiah Caplinger

Jeremiah Caplinger appears on social media posts and surveillance at the Capitol on Jan. 6. He is carrying a flag. A photo shows him scaling a wall at the Capitol….

Matthew T. Krol

Krol and others are accused of assaulting Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police Officers. Krol allegedly stole a police baton and it is possible he was using it in self-defense….

Philip Edward Kramer

Kramer admitted to taking a Capitol “Do Not Enter: sign back with him to California. He is pictured inside the Capitol Building holding up his phone. There is np evidence…

Stacie Ann Hargis-Getsinger

Mrs. Hargis-Getsinger posted a video and social media messages indicating she was at the Capitol with her husband. Both she and her husband John appear in Capitol surveillance. They are…