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Matthew T. Krol

Krol and others are accused of assaulting Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police Officers. Krol allegedly stole a police baton and it is possible he was using it in self-defense….

Matthew Council

Council allegedly pushed against a police barrier to open an emergency door that he and others in the crowd went through. He yelled at police and was pepper sprayed after…

Matthew Ryan Miller

Matthew Miller was accused of setting off a fire extinguisher in front of police at the Lower West Terrace. He is also accused of climbing a makeshift ladder to reach…

Matthew Perna

Perna is pictured inside the U.S Capitol on January 6th, but there is no detail of any violence committed by him at any point during January 6th.

Matthew Bokoski

Matthew Bokoski entered the Capitol with his dad. He posted photos of himself at the event on Facebook. The two walked peacefully throughout the building for 4-5 minutes, taking photos.

Matthew Clark

Matthew and Christy Clark are both pictured inside the Capitol building on January 6th. They brought along Paul Spigelmyer all from Lewistown, PA. There is no evidence of any violence…

Matthew Leland Klein

Matthew (24) and his brother Jonathanoeter (21) Klein are both residents of Oregon. They allegedly aided others in getting into the Capitol by using a metal barricade to climb a…

Matthew Baggott

Matthew Baggott and Stewart Parks went to D.C as friends to attend the “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6th. They are both pictured inside the Capitol Building, but there…

Matthew Greene

Photos of Greene show he was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is accused of “aiding and abetting” Dominic Pezzola in breaking a window at the Capitol….

Matthew Mark Wood

Video evidence shows 23-year-old Matthew Mark Wood, carrying a Trump flag, was among the first dozen people to climb into a broken window that day. Wood is accused of being…