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Treniss Jewell Evans III

A video shows Evans on the Capitol steps with a megaphone. He said: “I don’t support looting, I don’t support the violence, I support a peaceful protest to put them…

Edward Spain, Jr.

Spain told police he entered the Capitol after he “heard shots had been fired on the Senate floor.” It doesn’t appear he engaged in violence or vandalized government property….

Bruce J. Harrison

Video footage confirms Harrison was at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is shown walking the hallways. There is no documentation he engaged in violent acts.

Brian Glenn Bingham

Bingham is seen on surveillance shouting at officers immediately after the death of Ashli Babbit. He said the following on Facebook, Jan. 7th: “The door was open and we walked…

Daryl Johnson

Video footage and social media posts show Johnson and his son at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. They walked around and observed the event that day. However, there is no…