“Our Young People Have Good Sense!” – College Grads Humiliate Liz Cheney After She Smears President Trump and Brags About the January 6th Committee Witch-Hunt (VIDEO)

Credit: Daily Mail

Disgraced warmonger Liz Cheney was completely humiliated by college students while giving the commencement address at her alma mater Colorado College on Sunday.

As the Daily Mail reported, Cheney made a grand effort to pander to the woke students by repeating her usual smears against President Donald Trump and touting her “work” on the J6 Committee witch-hunt. Cheney also trashed her former House Republican colleagues for refusing to condemn Trump for criticizing election fraud.

She went on discuss the “pressure” she encountered regarding the 2020 election and on J6. She laughably claimed she had to choose between lying and losing her position in the House leadership.

WATCH (tune to the 1:35:16 mark to hear Cheney speak):

[embedded content]

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Cheney not only lied about J6 but she extorted testimonies out of witnesses before the committee.

Cheney closed her speech by urging students to always pursue “the truth,” meaning to help codify the Uniparty’s version of it.

Daddy’s little girl surely thought the students would clap like seals and whistle their agreement with her for trashing Trump and the GOP. But she was deadly wrong.

You see, these students have principles, regardless of how left-wing they are. They responded to Cheney’s BS in BRUTAL fashion.

Take a look at the inscription on this student’s cap. One can only hope Cheney saw this!

Here is a better look:

Credit; Associated Press

Conservatives including Kari Lake gloated over Cheney’s deserved misfortune.


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