LARA LOGAN Joins JAKE LANG Political Prisoner Podcast – Reveals Medical Experts Detected Signs of Life in Roseanne Boyland as Capitol Police Moved Her Body

For years, the Government and mainstream news media have lied to the American people about the tragic death of Roseanne Boyland, the 4th protestor to die on January 6th, 2021 at the US Capitol.

In an exclusive interview on Jake Lang’s Political Prisoner Podcast, investigative journalist Lara Logan reveals that medical experts on the scene still had signs of life from Roseanne Boyland when the Capitol Police dragged her body into the Capitol Rotunda!

The tragic footage of her death at the hands of Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police Departments has been seen by many of our readers, but the story now takes another massive twist.

Lara tells us on the podcast that the trained medical professionals that took over from the Capitol police’s meager efforts to resuscitate Roseanne actually found she had a faint breath – although no pulse.

The logical conclusion that can be clearly drawn here is if the Capitol police hadn’t been too busy beating other protestors and refusing to take her the lifeless body from the January 6 patriots who carried her over to them, Roseanne Boyland might still be alive.

Not only did they put in motion the stampede that caused her eventual death – not only did they bludgeon her with a stick when she was on the ground – not only did they pepper spray the protestors that were trying to dislodge her from the bottom of the dog pile – but, in fact, they failed to provide any competent measure of life-saving medical procedures and let her die while she was still breathing.

This indifference to human life categorizes the Capitol police’s outlook on the peaceful January 6 protesters that they bombarded, maimed, brutalized, and murdered for hours at the seat of our Republic’s power.

This episode of The Political Prisoner Podcast is simply remarkable, and you can’t miss it.

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