Insurrection Watch: Who Was More of a Threat?… Screaming Unhinged Democrat Jamaal Bowman Threatening GOP Lawmakers? …Or Grandma Walking Through Capitol with a Flag?

Who posed the greatest threat?

The Trump-supporting Grandma who was waved into the US Capitol on January 6th during the Fedsurrection? Or unhinged Democrat lawmaker Jamall Bowman SCREAMING and THREATENING Republican representatives as they leave the House floor for the day?

Democrat Bowman wants to take your guns – your only protection as crime soars to record levels in Democrat cities across the country.

Grandma walked into the US Capitol with a flag. Then left without committing any violence.

The dirty FBI-Stasi called her a rioter.

Bowman screamed at Republicans and verbaly assaulted them as they left the House floor. The blowhard had no idea what he was talking about. And you can be certain this was all staged and planned out – just like the J6 Fedsurrection.

No doubt, Democrats will cheer this verbal assault on the opposition party. They want your guns.

This violence is sanctioned by the regime.


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