DOJ Used Paid Informants and Edited, Chopped, Cropped, and Spliced Video to Indict J6er Jessica Watkins – Now She Sits in Prison and Is Speaking Out (AUDIO)

J6 political prisoner Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins is an American political prisoner who was charged with a litany of offenses after she walked into the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, assisted police, and left the building 23 minutes later. Jessica is part of the Oath Keepers organization. Jessica was arrested in January 2021. She was later stripped naked and left in a cell with lights on for 24 hours a day for four days of torture.

Jessica, a US veteran, was found guilty in November on crimes she never committed. The corrupt DC Judge would not allow Jessica or her fellow defendants to cross-examine the fraudulent fed informants who lied about her during trial.

Now Jessica sits in prison for crimes she never committed.

The DOJ is a vicious security arm of the Democrat Party.

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Recently Flip the Switch with Jenn interviewed Jessica Watkins from her prison cell.

Guest Post By Flip the Switch with Jenn

This is the most important J6 trial that no one is talking about…

When I first heard about J6 Political Prisoner Jessica Watkins, I was told she is an OathKeeper, she was sentenced to 8.5 years, she is a veteran, and she is transgender.

But I’m here to tell you she is much more than all of those things. When we first spoke last week, I wanted her to know that she could talk about anything on my show. She could read the phone book if she wanted to, I just want to get her voice out there for people to hear. She asked me, “Do they even publish those [phonebooks] anymore?” I replied, “That, I don’t know, but I’ll dig one up for ya,” and we laughed.

Then she asked me, “How much do you know about me?” I told her I knew she was transgender and if she’d like to talk about that we could. She does have very outspoken opinions about the trans agenda and would like to speak about it on another show but for now she simply said, “I’d like to talk about my trial for now.”

On January 6th, [2021] Jessica was there to provide security for the permitted events that were taking place that day. She never thought of over-throwing the government or taking down police and never participated in a “Seditious Conspiracy.”

Instead, as a trained medic, she rendered aid and helped rescue multiple police officers. She did go inside the Capitol, which she says she should not have done. However, during those 23 minutes of being inside, she assisted police in evacuating the Capitol and then left without having to be told. She obeyed curfew and complied with law enforcement and ended the day rescuing a Trump supporter being beaten by BLM.

These aren’t the typical things you hear about the OathKeepers. You don’t hear a lot regarding their trials. All of the witness tampering that was done by the DOJ. The fabricating of evidence such as documents alleging fake phone calls that never occurred. An FBI agent taking the stand and perjuring himself that these documents were real, only to have the defense come back with another FBI agent to prove that they were indeed fake. Many officers perjuring themselves on the stand claiming to have been in one place but proven to be somewhere else. I never heard about this on mainstream media, did you?

But wait, there’s more…

There was also the convicted child rapist who was offered a new identity to testify that the OathKeepers had a plan to overthrow the government. The defendants never knew this person or had contact with him and yet he was given a shiny new life to lie on the stand that they did.

Edited, chopped, cropped, spliced and manipulated video, audio, text and location data were also either withheld or entered as evidence to falsify the truth about what actually happened in the lives of these defendants that day.

This was a sham or a show trial at the very least. Jessica wants everyone to know the truth, not only about their wrongful prosecution, but also about their mistreatment while being incarcerated. These people, from the Executive Branch down, are out to destroy them (OathKeepers) for political purposes. Whether it’s for gun control, censorship, election “reform” or Trump, sooner or later they’ll be coming for all of us.

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Jessica Watkins/Image: GiveSendGo


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