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David Lee Judd

Video footage shows Judd entering the Capitol through the Lower West Tunnel, chanting with the crowd as the group approaches police. He did not engage in violent activity or harm…

Matthew Council

Council allegedly pushed against a police barrier to open an emergency door that he and others in the crowd went through. He yelled at police and was pepper sprayed after…

Danielle Nicole Doyle

Video footage confirms Doyle was present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. She was walking the halls and taking photos. No evidence suggests she engaged in violent activity.

Andrew C. Ericson

Photos and videos revealed Ericson was present at the Capitol on January 6th. There is no documentation showing he engaged in violent activities.

Brandon Fellows

Social media and video footage show Fellows in the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He spoke with the press and said police were not hostile as he walked throughout the building….

Christian Secor

Secor made it to the Senate Chamber and is pictured sitting in the Presiding Officer’s chair. He apparently self identifies as a fascist and has white supremacist beliefs. Secor’s FBI…

Couy Griffin

Social media posts and photos show Griffin present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He says he was caught up in the crowd that pushed through the barricades. One of…

Tristan Chandler Stevens

Video evidence filed in the case shows Stevens holding fingers in the air, counting 1, 2, 3, as the crowd surges forward against police, the document states. Stevens is seen…

William Rogan Reid

A tipster reported to the FBI that he/she recognized Reid in a video taken inside the Capitol on January 6th. There is no detail of any violence committed by Reid….