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Jeremy Vorous

According to his Statements of Facts, admitted to being at the Capitol, and inside the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. He said he did not go to commit violence….

Antonio Ferrigno, Jr.

Ferrigno entered the Capitol on Jan 6th with two friends. They live streamed a video and chatted with one another afterwards about the event. There is no evidence Ferrigno or…

Benjamin Martin

Martin spoke with the media and stated people were pulled into the crowd and couldn’t move. He said “inciters” other than Trump supporters were there. He decided not to enter…

Jeffrey Shane Witcher

In an interview with the FBI after the event, he stated it was “necessary to facilitate a dialogue” on Jan. 6th. However, he expected it to be nonviolent and peaceful….

Anton Lunyk

Photos and social media posts confirm Lunyk appeared at the Capitol on January 6th. However, no documentation suggests he engaged in violent activity.

Robert Westbury

The statement of facts and arrest warrant for this case are under seal. They cannot be viewed by members of the public. We know Robert Westbury entered the Capitol, and…

Jonah Elijah Westbury

Westbury is seen taking snapchat/tik tok videos of himself inside the US Capitol Building. Actions regarding how he entered, or how he behaved otherwise are not detailed in the Statements…

Felipe Marquez

Marquez and others entered the “hideaway” office of Senator Merkley inside the US Capitol. Merkley claims his office was damaged during the events on Jan. 6th….

Matthew T. Krol

Krol and others are accused of assaulting Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police Officers. Krol allegedly stole a police baton and it is possible he was using it in self-defense….