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Felipe Marquez

Marquez and others entered the “hideaway” office of Senator Merkley inside the US Capitol. Merkley claims his office was damaged during the events on Jan. 6th….

Jonathan Davis Laurens

Laurens is shown on surveillance walking with the crowd through the Capitol. He stated in a Facebook thread that day “We weren’t there to tear shit up, just disrupt the…

Benjamin Martin

Martin spoke with the media and stated people were pulled into the crowd and couldn’t move. He said “inciters” other than Trump supporters were there. He decided not to enter…

Kyle Fitzsimons

In the archway headed into the Capitol, Fitzsimmons allegedly charged the police line. However, he said he was protecting the doorway and “anyone sucked into the crowd was pushed into…

Anton Lunyk

Photos and social media posts confirm Lunyk appeared at the Capitol on January 6th. However, no documentation suggests he engaged in violent activity.