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Blas Santillan

Santillan is seen on video entering the building. While inside, he spe on a cell phone and allegedly shouted along with the crowd. He did not engage in violence.

Lucas Denney

A tipster contacted the FBI alleging that Lucas Denney was at the Capitol. He and Donald Hazard allegedly belonged to a Group called “Patriot Boys” that discussed the events…

Brian Korte

Korte entered the building and appears to walk peacefully in the Rotunda. He was inside the Capitol for approximately 10 minutes.

Billy Knutson

Knutson allegedly climbed through a window and was livestreaming inside the Capitol. He allegedly spe with police, but there is no further detail as to his activities inside the building.

Cara Maureen Hentschel

Hentschel posted photos of herself at the Capitol on Jan. 6th. One of her threads said: ““The WASHINGTON DC POLICE DEPT murdered an UNARMED woman tonight! The media seems to…

Nathan Wayne Entrekin

Nathan Entrekin arrived at the Capitol carrying a flag and wearing a Gladiator costume portraying Captain Moroni from the Bo of Mormon. He entered the Capitol at approximately 2:57. Entrekin…

Mahailya Pryer

Capitol surveillance shows Pryer was present at the Capitol on Jan.6th. She is seen walking with Cara Hentschel, but there is no evidence either of the women engaged in violence.

Marcos Gleffe

Gleffe is seen on surveillance inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th holding a Trump flag. There is no evidence he engaged in violence. His statement of facts is under seal….

David Rhine

…The flex-cuffs remained on Rhine even when the police officer walked away. Someone in the crowd came to Rhine’s aid and to them off. Rhine then left the building peacefully….