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Boyd Allen Camper

Social media and video surveillance confirms Camper was at the Capitol on Jan 6th. He was filming inside the building and spoke with several members of the news media outside….

Andrew Alan Hernandez

Surveillance and corporate media photos show Hernandez walking inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He made statements on social media before and after reflecting his personal opinions. There is no…

Daniel Christmann

Photos and social media posts show Christmann inside the Capitol on Jan. 6th. He is seen walking with the crowd, chanting and yelling something inaudible. He also admitted in a…

Jeffrey P. Sabol

Sabol is pictured assaulting a uniformed Capitol Police Officer along with other individuals. The officer was outnumbered and Sabol continues physical contact while the officer is on the ground….

Daniel Dean Egtvedt

Egtvedt was spraying with pepper spray while attempting to enter the Capitol building. Once inside, he provoked a female officer, yelling at her to shoot him. He grabbed her and…