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Micajah Joel Jackson

Jackson created social media posts of himself mixed with historic quotes documenting his presence at the Capitol. He tweeted President Trump to show his support. After approaching the Capitol with…

Amy Schubert

There are pictures of both John and Amy Schubert inside the Capitol. Nothing in either of their Statements of Facts details violence committed by either of them….

Jared Hunter Adams

Adams stated on social media that he was at the Capitol. He desired to be a part of American history, saying “I can tell my grandchildren I was there!” He…

Anthony Alexander Antonio

Capitol surveillance and social media posts confirm he attended the event on Jan. 6th. He is seen on police body camera shouting at officers from across a fence. He allegedly…

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez used some sort of electroshock weapon on a Capitol Police officer before members of the crowd broke through police lines and breached the building.

James Matthew Horning

Video surveillance and social media photos confirm Horning was present at the Capitol. He is seen walking the halls. He doesn’t appear to engage in any violence….