99% Conviction Rate: Another January 6er Betrayed By The Justice System: Darrell F. Neely Sr.

Darrell Fitzgerald Neely Sr. tells The Gateway Pundit he went to Washington D.C. on January 6th to provide media coverage he knew would not be available through the mainstream media.

Darrell was recently sentenced to 28 months in prison for his actions that day. Darrell entered the US Capitol with a joint and a cell phone. He was escorted into the building by woman in pink hat who has not been arrested.

Neely took video and photos to discuss on a program the next day. He also walked out with a police jacket and badge as a “souvenir.”

He spoke with Mel Hawley recently to tell his story. Once again, the person who brought him inside has not been charged.

He wrote TGP readers to share his story.

Do you believe in the concept of “free press” or maybe a much better question should be, did you ever realize that our media, also known as the press, is being manipulated, used, and many of the rights we claim are swiftly being expelled because the 4th branch of the United States Government is under true corporate control?

All of this is happening while “We The People” are being spoon fed misinformation, through tactical misrepresentation, and a million edited sound bites and written words.

The “Free Press” is hidden within the marsh and swamp of the corrupt corporate controlled media. Each member of the corporate media gets a writer from the script writers guild, and thanks to the strikes that are brewing in Hollywood, the corrupt corporate media, in need of script writers for their shows, started getting writers from the independent script writers association. It is the writers responsibility to give the “talking head” the words to steer the listening or viewing audience in the designed direction.

Corporate media does not care about the Left or Right political ideologies or concepts. Corporate media feeds deception, twist beliefs, and prepares its audience for whatever it deems necessary for its initiatives success.

My name is Darrell Fitzgerald Neely Sr. and I was at January 6th as an independent media journalist. I was there to give another view of the protest. I will also state that while I was there, I saw a lot of the images that one would have seen on television that day.

***You can help Darrell here.***

But what wasn’t seen was the effort of the law enforcement officers to instigate the extremely volatile situation that eventually turned into an uprising protest where protesters died and the corporate press never made mention of the deaths.

It was an extremely cold day and for one moment, imagine witnessing the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police officers firing bang grenades, shooting rubber bullets, tasing with taser guns, spraying O. C. spray (pepper spray) and severely beating humans with batons, riot shields and fists.

These police officers were injuring and killing protestors who were pushed to fight back because they were attacked. Some protestors fought back to stop the officers from beating an elderly man or woman or even an adolescent child that wanted to stand in protest with his or her mother or father.

My heart truly goes out to those on both sides but currently I wonder if any of the officers understand that their oath to support and defend the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic was violated. The United States of America is the people. The people are who they swore to protect and serve… not a building. The people pay for the buildings, officers and those we elect to represent us inside of that structure.

Did the officers not learn that this country was founded on “We The People”? My heart is broken but my soul cries as I pray for the day that the truth is revealed about the atrocities that occurred that day.

I was born in Smithfield, NC and I am the father of three parts of me. I am not going to say that I am a great father nor am I going to say that I have been a steadfast instrument in their lives but I will say that I am simply a human and that I have lived a life and traveled the world in search of me. Because of my travels and my love for my children, I began writing novels and eventually started a publishing company, Neely Worldwide Publishing. I have a firm belief that reading is the safest form of intellectual entertainment anyone (especially for a youthful adolescent child) can have. Books not only build imagination but they teach, reinforce and exemplifies ethics, cognitive creativity and can set the reader on a journey for knowledge. Currently, I am the author of 9 books.

In 2015, I got frustrated with corporate media lies after I was at an incident that was later reported totally incorrectly by the news reporters of each of the major network. I was there and the reporters completely spun the story incorrectly and their announcement of the incident was as if it was according to the same written script. Because of that incident, I birthed GERN (Global Enlightenment Radio Network) and its purpose was to give the public another voice that is not Democratic or Republican, neither Left or Right wing but it was built on blunt truth.

I felt the public also needed real hosts that did their own research on topics and real truth speakers not like those that live in a world of made-up or on the spot created conspiracies. I was looking for a rock and not a solidified gummy bear… I wanted my listening and viewing audience to know that if it came from the lips of one of my host, it had to be true.

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No, I never said that all conspiracies are fake but I will say that a many of them are created to mislead and is a cheap way to grasp an audience. Honestly, the truths that do exist in conspiratorial talk shows are usually concealed as well. Many times, those shows are simply gimmicks that lead you away from the truth or leave you questioning reality in general. I have been doing broadcast media since 2011.

Currently, I am in DC Jail/DOC and hopefully soon I will be shipped out to go to prison. I was sentenced to 28 months by the same judge that said that I am not a journalist because I am not part of the Senate Press Pool of the corporate media. It is a shame when you beat the felony and the judge stacks your misdemeanors to create a situation for you to go to prison. The hate is beyond ridiculous and the judicial bias is right there for the American public to see but a many are still blind to the concept of injustice unless it pertains to them.

I call out injustice openly and wait till I begin broadcasting again… It is a shame when you dedicate yourself to work independently in media and do investigations, speak at conferences and interview many individuals on various topics and a “judge” says, “You are not a journalist”… WOW!!! My entire reason for being at January 6th was to give real news, on the ground, with real interviews.

My next step in this process is the appeals process and multiple civil suits. In both those areas I am most definitely going to need help, assistance and a hand up from you readers. At this point, I am broke and as you can sense, I have lost a lot and will literally never regain what I have lost but there are ways to level the field of this heartbreaking war that I have found myself right in the middle of.

I am in need of your support and prayers. I promise that I will continue the fight because “We The People” have nothing left to lose in this corporate media attempt at taking over OUR country. Corporate media is no God and trust me, it did bleed on January 6, 2021 and once more, when I denounced it in this article and by exposing the corrupt corporate media power at my judicial sentencing on September 5, 2023.

This is a fight that we must win or our children will find themselves suffering emotionally as they long for life, liberty and justice in a world where artificial intelligence and corporate media completely have dominion over the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Within this article, I asked for your support and prayers because throughout this entire ordeal, I literally lost nearly everything. Not only did my businesses have to shut down but I lost my home due to fire, my car was repossessed, all my equipment and computers are all gone… My memories, photos of my family, my children, my diplomas, certifications, collectables and hair from my children’s first haircuts… everything gone. I have absolutely no savings left… absolutely nothing. I cry thinking about all I have lost to fight for freedom, truth, clarity and the Freedom of the Press. I must admit that I feel beaten and at times, I simply want to just give up but there is a fury raging within me that says, “Never Surrender.”

Never surrender and never give up on things that were because God will send an angel to restore his true servants. There is an unseen evil out there that believes in its hold on this country and it wants each person to believe that everything is alright. It wants to capture the heart and mind of each and every one of us, but we must not turn away. We must not neglect our rights granted to us as humans and citizens of this country. We must not allow our faith in humanity be dissolved and trampled on by artificial intelligence and the corrupt corporate media. Please keep me in your prayers and stand with me as I continue to fight to save our freedom of the press.

***You can help Darrell here.***


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